“Root” at KISSED BY A.MUSE group exhibition during the Berlin Art Week at St.Georg Berlin


Root (Muladhara)” will be part of  KISSED BY A.MUSE group exhibition at St.Georg during the Berlin Art Week. The exhibition opens at st.GEORG Berlin on Tuesday 17 September 2013 with a Berlin Art Week Kick-Off Party featuring entrancing audio-visual performances, as well as DJ sets with funk, soul, disco and electro, and a special Tape DJing set. 15 artists will join forces to unveil vibrant, must-see artworks in the form of sculptures, paintings, photography, installation and film under the exhibition and art festival KISSED BY A.MUSE.

From Wednesday 18 September through Friday 20 September 2013, the exhibition will be open alongside an art festival with artist-led workshops (including: stenciling, life drawing, collage work and more), film screenings about Berlin’s street and urban art scene, as well as free-entry nightly events to showcase Berlin’s creative sphere.

Detailed info: http://www.amuse-berlin.com/berlin-art-week.html


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